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ECR 2011

Xray Phantom Head

During your participation in the ECR 2011, we became aware of you as a distributor of x-ray devices. Certainly, you understand that a competent training for your employees and an efficient customer service are a matter of special importance to be competitive in your branch.

With the aid of x-ray phantoms you can improve your situation considerably. The x-ray phantoms offer you a unique solution to take real x-ray photographs repeatedly and as often as you wish. The models contain natural human bones and allow you to make genuine radiographs.

The different body parts are available separately or as a full body phantom.

The x-ray phantoms are well suited to provide your employees the necessary know-how, to convince your customers with live performances of the product capability, as well as to facilitate explaining the operation instructions of your devices to the customer. Furthermore, you can also use them as a reference body in the field of quality control.

Could we attract your interest or do you still have questions?

Our customer consultant Mr. Andreas Falk is at your service on the telephone number +49 7841 6003-16 or by e-mail. Of course, you can find further information of our complete product range on our website.

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